Sunday, September 14, 2008

Changes to shops

In-World Stores

Seshat Studios Roosa

I have a shop of my own! Wyn Nitely and I share a building in Roosa (one of the Azure Islands commercial sims.

The ground floor is furnishings, rugs, and other homewares. The upper floor has my clothing and animations, and some clothing and art that Wyn makes.

Everything I sell is available at Roosa, though some of the variations (no-copy/transfer, for instance) are on SLExchange or OnRez but not at Roosa.

Gianfar Marketplace

Gianfar is a Pern-inspired roleplay sim. it's also one of the TinyEmpires empires. The people in Gianfar love my courtly bow and curtsey animations, and the Kevin/Kellin set (which I will be describing soon in this blog).

Tar Valon Marketplace

Tar Valon is a Wheel of Time roleplay sim, and the people there love my Kevin/Kellin set and my curtseys and court bows. I also modified an outfit I'd made for Gianfar: the Gianfar candidate robes are unique, but a variation on them has become the Choden robe, suitable for ascetic and studious communities. That robe is being used for the Aes Sedai. (No, it's not a sim-official robe, just one of the more popular choices at this stage.)

Spark of Genius

Spark of Genius is the old faithful. It's kind of the extended family's store, and has an eclectic mix of goods.

Web Stores

Seshat Czeret @ SLExchange

Seshat Czeret @ OnRez

Old Stores

Gwendolyn Cassini is giving her wonderfully generous shop space to a new designer - one I met at NCI's Newbie Show and Tells.

Carmarthenshire stopped being profitable for me. The type of person there changed, and I wasn't interested in making the kind of thing they wanted to buy. Gianfar has taken its place, and is being more profitable for me than Carm ever was.
Still, it was the first place I rented, and I'll always have a soft spot for it.

The Medieval Times mall closed, so my shop there did as well.