Tuesday, June 3, 2008

512 by 512

Second Life's rules about textures change sometimes, but at present all clothing textures get converted to 512 by 512. Since the Gimp (which I use) is better at converting textures than SL (probably) is, I get better results by doing the conversion myself.

Besides, a 512 by 512 image takes less time to download to other peoples' clients, so my clothes and stuff are 'cheaper' for the hardware.

So I spent the time, effort and energy to convert all my textures-so-far and upload them to SL, re-make the clothes, and re-load my vendors with 512 by 512 texture sale items.


(Note to self: Second Life now supports png. Either png or tga are the most appropriate file formats for SL, and png is slightly smaller than tga for most textures.)

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