Sunday, June 8, 2008

Curtseys in store

The curtseys are in store now.

There are three curtseys. The first is an informal one which is a simple bob down and up, with the head slightly lowered. It's the sort of curtsey you see in period dramas where a maid is responding to the housekeeper or the lady of the house.

The semi-formal curtsey is similar to the informal one, but the curtsey is held for a short time at the lowest point of the movement. This would be useful as a modern curtsey or a child's curtsey. In fantasy or medieval settings, this would be the curtsey between two people of near or equal rank; or the curtsey a maid might use if her employer is of high rank.

The third is a very formal curtsey, with the torso bent very low, the back knee almost touching the ground, the arms (and theoretical skirt) spread quite wide. The curtsey is held for twice as long as for the semi-formal curtsey. If you're looking for the curtsey to give to royalty, try this one.

There's a demo set available in a sign next to the curtsey vendor. The demo set is free, but is a no-modify gesture which announces the fact that it's a demo. Try each of the curtseys out, alt-mouse your camera around to see it from all angles, and if you like them, buy one. (Or all of them! The set is cheaper than the individual curtseys.)

The curtseys are sold in a copyable/modifiable gesture, and as an animation. The animation can be put into your AO or used direct from your inventory, but I expect most people to use the gesture.

Because the gesture is copy/mod, you can shove a copy into a backup folder (just for security), and then modify copies to suit your own needs. You can make curtseys that automatically say "greetings, M'lady", if you want. I've included basic instructions on gesture modifying in the kit; and the Second Life Knowledge Base includes a Gesture Tutorial.

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