Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tinting prim skirts grey

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since viewer release 1.22, clothing is no longer darker than prims. Do not tint prim clothing attachments grey anymore.

When I'd finished setting up my shop at Carmarthenshire, a friend I'd made there - and a friend of hers - came to check it out. They both adored the Florence clothing, but they wanted it in colours as well.

So I went ahead and checked colours with them (go into appearance mode, make a skirt, tint it with the colour I think they're after, exit appearance mode), and then went ahead and made the Florence base clothing.

There's one problem, however. No matter how precisely you colour match in SL, prims have a different apparent shade to meshes.

Natalia has solved this problem, and generously given her solution in the midst of a post about being Wendy Darling in SL. Still, Natalia's grey-tint solution is useful.

She suggests using 192/192/192 as the grey tint. If you're already using a colour in the prims, however, just tinting them grey doesn't work. But tinting them darker (subtract 255-192, ie 63, from each of RGB - if you can) is something worth trying.

Since I'm making red, yellow and blue Florences for these friends of mine, it's a good opportunity to tint the Florence flexi-skirts and see if subtracting 63 works. Of course, when you don't have 63 to subtract, you just need to do the best you can.

And having tried it, the result of the experiment is this: it gets you extremely close, though not precisely on the exact shade.

Another tip: duplicate things as much as possible. Rather than taking a shirt off and creating a new one, keep the existing one (that has the setting you want) on, change the texture, and save as. Much faster.

And when making sale boxes, do something similar: set up one box. Put in the contents for that box (eg, a blue Florence set), name it, take copy. Remove the variable contents (leaving in landmarks or set notecards), put in the next contents, rename the box, take copy. Repeat until you run out of contents or get incredibly bored.

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