Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm the old lady!

I've been kept away from Second Life by my computer's power supply. Damn thing decided to go bust on me, and my replacement supply didn't arrive today. So - hopefully Monday. In the meantime, I'm doing some of my RL chores, a bit of scripting, and writing a lesson I think I'll see if I can teach through NCI.

So. For the title of this: my family (me, Tat, Feldie) were out at the local shopping mall. We had coffee and a bite to eat at the food court; my scooter parked beside us. This little kid stopped as his family was walking past, and asked "Where's the old lady who rides this?"

Tat and Feldie cracked up - discreetly - when I said "I'm the old lady."

Today, Feldie and I went to an exhibition of illuminated manuscripts. Those things are even more fantastic and fascinating seen 'in person' than in photographs or anything. They're amazing!

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