Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Making lace flexi-prim clothing

With my lace, I want to make lace skirts and scarves. So I started by making a plywood box.

I modified the box with an X taper, played with stretch until I had a triangular prism that was as thin front-to-back as I could get it, and a metre high. Then I turned it into a flexi, and made sure the point of the taper was the root of the flex (if you have it wrong, just reverse the X taper).

I painted my transparent lace onto the flexi, and (art!) chose a number of horizontal and vertical repeats that seemed good to me. On the advice of a friend, I took the lace off the sides of the flexi: so the image was just on the front and back. (If you take it off the back, you see nothing when you see it from that side.)

Then I played with flexi settings until I had something really floaty. Then I made it into a skirt - and it's REALLY floaty, and totally wrong for a skirt. I need to keep fiddling with flexi settings to get a good lace skirt.

However, it seemed great for a scarf. So I created a torus, and a tiny box, and two of the flexi prims, and by dint of a lot of fiddling with positioning, size, and flexi settings, have a scarf (or a belt) that I'm happy with.

The first tries would just fall straight through my body, or would fly out horizontally on the wind and never come down at all. Setting-fiddling is really important with these floaty flexis.

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