Sunday, June 8, 2008

Modify permissions

Yet another change. I attended an NCI class on consumer skills, and the woman giving the class gave good reasons for consumers to want modify permission on their clothing. So I thought about it, and realised there is no reason not to give modify permission.

Nothing I've made, except the Lisa scarves, relies on no-modify permissions for me to sell lots of different colours; and I included the fact that the purchaser is effectively buying scarves of every colour in the pricing of the scarves.

Everything else would be ruined: the details would get tinted the new shade as well, and purple grommets would look funny. (No, not irrevocably ruined. Just change the tint back to white, and the garment is fine again.)

So I went through and set everything to modify permissions, redid the display images to reflect that, reloaded the images, and repacked the vendors again. And I sent copies of the modified clothes to everyone who'd bought them.

I did make one change: I'd been lazy making the sleeves of the Florences. Because I had decided on a sleeve length for them, I didn't bother painting the entire sleeve; just painted it long enough for the length I'd chosen.

But with the purchaser now able to modify the Florences, I needed (okay, wanted) to paint the entire sleeve. That way the purchaser can give their undershirt or jacket Florences sleeves that go partway onto the hand (as far as the slider lets them).

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