Sunday, June 8, 2008

Plans, plans, plans

I need to finish the Epicurean stuff (the eating script), and make a demo script for the demo roll. All it needs is some final testing on the scripts, proper 'bread rolls', and the demo script.

I've got a ranger outfit I've dreamed up. And a variation on the Brigids. A variation on the Florences. I want to make a noble's outfit. I want to make male peasant's wear. I want to make male nobility clothing.

I want to make some modelling poses. I want to make some good modelling skins, too. Male as well as female.

I want to get hold of the scripts for the roleplay systems in SL, and make my food work with them. Also any clothing I make which looks 'armour-y'.

I want to make a better IC/OOC talker HUD for roleplay environments, and I'm planning to make that a freebie.

I want to make a really complicated vendor that has every feature I want - and probably some I haven't thought up yet.

I want to make some Victorian outfits.

I want to get myself a shop of my own. I should probably sell more stuff first! I want to do more active marketing, too.

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