Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, all my Seshat Studios records are duly included in GNUCash now.

Spark of Genius has cost me nothing (Thank you!) and I've sold 650 Linden worth of stuff there.
Carmarthenshire Market has cost me 1,680 Linden and I've sold 2,050 Linden worth of stuff.
Gianfar has cost me 320 Linden and I've gained 750 Linden.
Medieval Times Market has cost 200 Linden and gained 250 Linden.
In sales direct from my inventory, I've gained 1,730 Linden.

All told, including fixing errors, I've spend 3,900 Linden on uploads.

I've sold 3 Brigid items, 11 Curtseys, 8 Florence items, 5 Rowans, and a custom animation/script set.

Now I can get back to the fun part.

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