Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Making geometric lace

I want to use the butterfly lace in sale items, but I want to provide a freebie so people know the quality of my sale items.

I was going to just have one colour of the butterfly lace as the freebie, but then I realised - if I use it in flexi-prim stuff, I need to make it modifiable so people can fit it to their avatars. I could upload a coloured lace specifically for the freebie - or I could make a different, simpler lace for freebie stuff.

I decided to make a different lace. Just a simple geometric. So back to the trusty Gimp, set up a 128 by 128 image, turn the grid on. Set the brush to a square, click on pencil mode, set the background white and the paint grey so I can see the grid as well as see what I'm doing.

And then I let my imagination run wild. Made myself a nice little geometric lace to use as the freebie lace, to give people an idea of what I can do.

(The lace freebies will be available at both the Carmarthen and Spark of Genius stores, once I get them finished. Come see them!)

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