Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Making eyes

So I'd figured out most things, and I decided I wanted to have a go at body parts. I researched skins, and decided that I already had the basic techniques for them, I just needed to get the art - and the time and patience.

Prim hair is texturing and building: again, art, time and patience.

So I decided to have a go at eyes.I found 'create new body parts' under 'create' in the inventory menu. (This is also where you create skins and new non-prim hair.)

As with clothing, I experimented with library textures and with sliders. You can get some really funky eyes that way - try it!

Then when I showed my friend my funky eyes, she asked for specific eyes from me. Grab the texture from Second Life's templates page, figure out where on the template the iris is - not that hard, they have a layer that's a guide for the iris - and once again, paint inside the lines.

Fortunately my friend's request was simple: she wanted a single-colour geometric shape, not a detailed, perfectly highlighted human-looking eye.

Be aware: eyes get rotated 90 degrees clockwise. So paint your eye, then rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise before uploading it.

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