Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Making lace

I had produced a unique version of the Brigid set for an auction: the version has a butterfly embroidery on the apron, rather than the simple flowers the others have.

And since I had that embroidery hanging around, and I wanted to play with lacemaking, I cut the image and pasted it into a new Gimp window.

Then I made the image (motif) white, with a transparent background. Then I pixel-by-pixel punched holes in it where it was too solid.

Then pixel-by-pixel, I painted connecting/strengthening 'stitching' like real lace has. And painted the 'supporting gauze' that real lace has (well, real lace can be on many fabrics, but most of them are gauzey).

I copied the motif, connecting stitching, and gauze, onto a new layer and painted it grey.Then I uploaded both a white-on-transparent and a grey-on-white version.

Now I have lace.

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